Employment Opportunities

Mackinac Island, MI

If you are tired of watching other people have adventures on TV, live your own. Live it on Mackinac Island. Your season on Mackinac Island could look like this!

Summer Season on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is a unique place located between Michigan’s rugged upper and lower peninsulas where Lake Huron and Lake Michigan meet. There are no motor vehicles on the Island, which is accessible only by ferry, plane and private watercraft.

No motor vehicles mean no rush hour, no commute and little pollution. Leave a big portion of your carbon footprint on the mainland. Walk or ride your bike to get around. When you are not trapped in a car you have a chance to see the water and see the trees. Things slow down, you suddenly have a chance to say hello to people. Mackinac Island has a sense of community as a direct result of this freedom.

You can be in the woods on a secluded trail in less than ten minutes after work. You can have a rock beach all to yourself if you head a mile out of town on a bike. The Island is 80% State Park and it is here for all of us to share.

We are looking for adventurous people to work on Mackinac Island throughout our May through October season. Our family of businesses is comprised of Island House Hotel, 1852 Grill Room, Ice House BBQ, Pancake House & Grille, Mary’s Bistro Draught House, Starbuck’s Mackinac Island, Island House Bicycle Rental, Pine Cottage Bed & Breakfast, Seabiscuit Cafe, and Ryba’s Fudge Shops. Candidates can work for varying lengths of time, the later in the season a person can work the better.

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Working on Mackinac Island is a truly unique experience. Island House Hotel and its family of businesses offer some of the best employment opportunities on Mackinac Island. For more information, visit our Employee Information page.

Second interviews are conducted via Skype. If you are not familiar with Skype take some time to visit their website for more information.