Luggage Handling & Transportation

Complimentary baggage handling service is available through both the ferry service & the Island House Hotel. Guests are not obligated to use these services. Your luggage will be transferred from your vehicle, to the ferry, to the dock, onto a dray to the hotel and then repeated for your return trip. To protect your items, avoid sending items in open bags such as grocery bags by sending luggage that is zipped or sealed. Transportation is provided by multiple services; for this reason Island House Hotel cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged luggage or its contents.

It’s a good idea to check the ferry departure times online before you leave home. There are two ferry services to choose from: Star Line & Shepler’s. Each one has docks in both Mackinaw City and St. Ignace that go to Mackinac Island.

Departures from Star Line’s Mackinaw City location arrive at the closest dock to Island House Hotel.

For a smooth trip, be sure to arrive at the ferry dock no less than 30 minutes prior to your desired ferry departure time.

Upon arriving at the ferry dock of your choice, look for overnight parking services. Here you will arrange for vehicle parking.

If you purchased discount tickets from the Island House Hotel, you will claim your tickets at any Star Line ticket window on your scheduled day of arrival. Simply show your ID for the name your reservation is listed under.

You will also have any luggage that you wish to be transported to the Island House Hotel tagged by a ferry employee and then have it loaded onto the ferry for you.

Be sure to hand-carry all irreplaceable or fragile items including medicine, electronics, personal documents & valuables.

Verify that you receive a luggage claim tag for each piece of luggage that you are sending. Hold on to each claim tag that you receive. These will be required to claim your bags at the hotel.




Packing List

In addition to your usual articles, we recommend you bring the following items:

Backpack with room for Ryba’s Fudge
Jacket or Sweater, the evenings can be cool on the water
Raincoat & Umbrella, just in case
Swimsuit to use in our indoor heated pool & hot tub
Chargers for electronics